Guitar Lullabies

Being a father of two small boys (aged two and three) we have always tried to exposed them to good and varied music. Their musical life is very important to us, and hopefully they may play an instrument when they are a little older, possibly even the guitar. The benefits of making music for small children are well documented and include social, emotional and cognitive benefits. When I’m not teaching the guitar or performing I help run a small business (Music For Baby) with my wife.

Music For Baby is a specialist record label producing music for very young children, along with running baby music classes. We have a range of CDs covering different aspects of a child’s development. Part of our catalogue is our music for sleep range which has proven to be very popular.  Sleep is an important issue for every new parent and it can sometimes be challenging to help a newborn settle into a sleep routine.  Research has been proven that using gentle music as part of a routine can help babies settle for sleep, and eventually the music will start to trigger sleep.  Lullabies with their simple melodies together with a steady tempo set about the speed of a resting heart beat are particularly effective in helping to settle baby.  As I am a guitarist I thought it would be nice to record a selection of lullabies on the guitar.

Guitar Lullabies consists of 25 tracks of traditional and original lullabies played by a soft classical guitar duo simply but with all the charm and nuances of the acoustic guitar. Guitar Lullabies can be downloaded from Itunes