Useful Stuff

Lots of items that might be useful for anyone learning the guitar..


Click the little key on the side of the metronome to start, or click it again to stop. select your tempo using the scale on the right hand side.

Metronome by


If for some reason you find yourself without a tuner simply use this one below.

Guitar Tuner from GTDB

Guitar Chord Finder

Enter your required details to see fingers of chords in different voicings

  • A major


Smart Phones are full of fabulous apps, and I’ve put a couple of links below to some useful ones..



There are plenty of metronome apps about for iphone and android.  I’ve put a link here to a nice simple free iphone metronome.



Ultimate Guitar Tool

This is an assortment of handy items for a guitarist including a metronome, tuner and chords library



Guitar Interval Ear Trainer

Every chord, melody and scale consists of a series of intervals, and this app is a great support in training your ear to recognise intervals effectively



Guitar Tuner

Quite handy to have on your phone, this tuner uses the sound of a real guitar, enabling you to tune accurately on the go




This app enables you to slow down a track or change the key, a great tool for learning or practicing a new song – also quite good fun.



Music For Baby


Some of my guitar students are parents, and this app of baby music has some fabulous guitar playing by yours truly!