Bert Weedon OBE

An amazing man has just passed away, and I thought I would write a short post about him, and share with my guitar students some of his brilliance.

As well as being a great guitarist of the 50’s and 60’s playing he is famed for his work in guitar teaching.  He brought guitar playing to the masses with his tuition book ‘Play In A Day’.  He is cited as an influence by many famous British guitarists.. Brian May, Eric Clapton, John Lennon, Keith Richards, George Harrison to name but a few..

I played with him when I was a guitarist on the QE2, and found him to be a wonderful man and an inspiration as a player. He was very gracious to myself and the other young musicians in the band allowing us all to shine during his act. He was able to project his guitar sound as well as his personality through his playing which is something I try to impart to my pupils today.